Al Torcio

Extra virgin olive oil

Rosulja’s clear olive oil goes perfectly with grilled red radicchio, pasta with molluscs and shellfish, roasted fish, roasted red meat, hard cheeses etc.

Prices by the bottle volume:
  • 0,10 L - 50 kn
  • 0,25 L - 90 kn
  • 0,50 L - 150 kn
  • 0,75 L - 200 kn
  • 3,00 L - 600 kn

*To order, it is necessary to choose the volume of the bottle and the number of bottles of oil.

This varietal olive oil from Rosulja has a clear, intense golden-yellow colour with green tones. The scent is strong and very complex, delicate and with elegant notes of artichoke, freshly cut grass and pronounced balsamic tones of mint, basil and oregano. The taste is fine and resolute, with abundant vegetable flavours of unripe tomatoes and final notes of celery and green almonds. It has a strong bitterness and restrained piquancy.

It goes perfectly with grilled red chicory, and is great on beef carpaccio with mushrooms, vegetable soups, pasta with molluscs and shellfish, baked fish, baked red meat and hard cheeses.