Al Torcio

Extra virgin olive oil

The very clear Ascolana olive oil has an intense golden-yellow colour with greenish tones. It is excellent on crab marinades, seafood, light fish soups, steak tartare etc.

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The varietal Ascolana olive oil is an intense golden-yellow with greenish tones, and very clear. It features a pronounced scent of fruity tones - medium-ripe tomatoes, radishes, ripe apples and the intense addition of aromatic herbs reminiscent of sage, mint and oregano.

The taste is strong and abundant, and is characterised by its fruity and vegetable tones, bitterness and harmonious spiciness. It is excellent on crab marinades, seafood appetisers, chickpea cream soup, pasta with vegetables, light fish soups, steak tartare, and on fresh, soft mozzarella and similarly processed cheeses.