Al Torcio

Extra virgin olive oil

It is formed by mixing several autochthonous olive varieties (monocultivars). The aim is to emphasise the best attributes of each variety, which makes it extremely rich and complex. It goes well with all types of dishes.

Prices by the bottle volume:
  • 0,10 L - 50 kn
  • 0,25 L - 90 kn
  • 0,50 L - 150 kn
  • 0,75 L - 200 kn
  • 3,00 L - 600 kn

*To order, it is necessary to choose the volume of the bottle and the number of bottles of oil.

Our extra virgin Blend is created by mixing several indigenous olive varieties (monocultures). The aim is to extract the best and most emblematic aspects of each singular variety, which makes Al Torcio’s Blend oil extremely rich and complex. The oil is rich in refined scents of freshly mown green grass, aromatic herbs and green tomatoes. It is characterised by a balanced bitterness and piquancy combined into a harmonious composition.

The Al Torcio Blend can be paired with all types of dishes, and goes best with traditional Istrian cuisine.