Al Torcio Oil Mill, Novigrad, Strada Contessa 22a, Istria


In 2021, Istria has once again been awarded the title of the world's best region for extra virgin olive oils

For the sixth year in a row, Istria has been named the world's best region for extra virgin olive oil by Flos Olei, the only global guide to extra virgin olive oil.

Flos Olei is the first international guide dedicated to extra virgin olive oil, which is evaluated, following extremely strict criteria, by stringent experts and tasters.

The guide for the year 2021 presents selected countries from 5 continents and 86 maps of olive zones around the world throughout a total of 884 pages. This is especially important considering that the publication contains oils from all over the world - i.e. from 54 olive-growing countries - and Istrian olive growers are in the company of the 500 best, with a total share of 14%.

A total of 71 olive growers from Istria were included in the 2021 edition of Flos Olei

In the new edition of the so-called ‘bible’ for extra virgin olive oils, 73 oils from Croatia are included, out of which 71 are from Istria and two from Dalmatia. For comparison, Tuscany has only 43 olive growers listed in the guide. These results are proof of the significant work and investment in raising olive oil quality among Istrian olive growers compared to last year.

This worldwide success certainly contributes to the branding of Istria as a gourmet destination, given that extra virgin olive oil is the main condiment and key product of Mediterranean cuisine, which thanks to its organoleptic properties and healthy compounds, is widely appreciated throughout the world.

Thirteen Istrian olive growers were included in the extra class with 95 points and above, and three of them achieved a fantastic score of 98!

In addition to the fact that Istria is the world's best olive growing region, according to the number of olive growers included in the only global guide Flos Olei, we have valid cause for extra celebration. In all 11 editions, Istria has had at least one winner or world champion in one of the 15 categories being evaluated. In 2020, one Istrian oil mill was nominated as the best 'company with a heart,' which means that everything they do, they do with great care and dedication.

Another great achievement is that Istrian olive growers earned their highest scores for the first time. In addition, almost 13 Istrian olive growers are included in the extra class, having scored more than 95 points.

Istria itself has more listed extra virgin olive oils than the superpower of Spain, which is the world's largest producer of EVOO and which, due to its size, is divided into 11 large olive regions. A total of 61 olive growers from Spain were included.