Al Torcio

Extra virgin olive oil - White label

Single variety olive oil Leccino has a golden-yellow colour with gentle shades of green and an intense scent. The taste is complex and refined. It perfectly complements marinated and baked fish, grilled white meat, pasta etc.

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This varietal golden-yellow olive oil is cloudy with gentle shades of green. It features an intense vegetable scent with elegant notes of freshly cut grass and the distinguishable aroma of medicinal herbs, particularly mint and basil. The taste exudes complexity and elegance, with the vegetable aromas of lettuce, chicory, artichoke and sweet almond in the final notes. A bitter and spicy taste is present, and very harmoniously coordinated.

This oil goes perfectly with legume appetisers, marinated fish, vegetable pasta, pasta with molluscs and shellfish, baked fish, grilled white meat and medium-ripe cheeses.