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Extra virgin olive oil

Bjelica is a clear olive oil with an intense golden-yellow colour. It is excellent on blue fish au gratin, roasted fish, stewed red meat, venison, hard cheeses etc.

Prices by the bottle volume:
  • 3,00 L - 80 €

*To order, it is necessary to choose the volume of the bottle and the number of bottles of oil.

The Bjelica varietal olive oil is clear with an intense golden-yellow colour and warm green notes. The scent is very complex, abundant with vegetable notes among which artichoke stands out, accompanied by wild St. John's wort, freshly mown grass and an elegant final note of rosemary. The taste is fine and very strong with a pronounced vegetable flavour of wild herbs, chicory, artichoke and green almonds, with a distinctive bitterness and elegant spiciness.

It is excellent on roasted porcini mushrooms, gratinated blue fish, buckwheat pasta, warm vegetable appetisers, roasted fish, stewed red meat and venison dishes, and on hard cheeses.