Al Torcio Oil Mill, Novigrad, Strada Contessa 22a, Istria

Al Torcio offers an olive harvesting experience and olive oil tasting

Liquid gold for health and pleasure

Every week in Novigrad, on the Beletić family’s estate where about 2000 olive trees grow, several buses of curious tourists are offered an authentic experience of olive harvesting, processing and olive oil tasting.

An unavoidable part of a visit to the Al Torcio olive groves in Novigrad is the olive oil tasting, through which you will be assisted by a trained tasting expert. You will learn how to taste properly, what scents and flavours to pay attention to, how to recognise top-quality extra virgin olive oil and how to distinguish it from industrial olive oils. You will have the opportunity to taste a range of oils of different varieties and strengths from one of the top Istrian olive growers. In addition to top-quality olive oils, the family makes sure that every visitor experiences the entire process of oil production, which is enriched by a charming restaurant offering a wide range of Istrian delicacies and wines.

Experience the olive oil tasting and olive harvest

It is possible to experience the tasting via a number of partner travel agencies, but also individually with prior notice. A maximum of 15 people can be accommodated at a time, and bruschettas with olive oil are offered at the tasting. The price per person is 60.00 Kn. The tasting is led by a trained tasting expert and communicated in Croatian, English, Italian and German. The host also welcomes and understands tourists from Slavic countries.

There will also be the opportunity to watch the pickers at work during the olive harvest.

For tasting and/or visiting the olive harvest, please send enquiries to, or contact us by phone on +385 98 929 28 73.

Olive oil roads

The tradition of olive growing dates back to ancient times, when Romans discovered that Istrian fertile ground was optimal for the cultivation of the most famous Mediterranean elixir. Archaeological sites located along the coast are testimony to the especially large and unique production facilities of that time in the wider Istrian area. From then until today, olive growing has been progressively developing, both in the production and protection of indigenous varieties, as well as in offering and presenting the finest olive products.

According to world standards, Istrian olive oils are among the highest quality and visitors may taste them after following the olive roads lined with marked oil mills and cellars of the best Istrian olive growers. The owners will be happy to share all the secrets of their craft with curious visitors, who can then attend the olive oil tasting and sample the liquid gold that brings health, youth and beauty!