Al Torcio Oil Mill, Novigrad, Strada Contessa 22a, Istria

The culmination and achievement of almost a quarter of a century of work

Video from the inauguration of a state-of-the-art olive processing plant

The Al Torcio oil mill in Novigrad, home to the most modern olive processing plant in Croatia, was inaugurated. A member of the Beletić family explained the new technology and all its advantages; for example, water cooling results in 30% more polyphenols in the olive oil it produces.

"Such a modern oil mill does not exist within a radius of 500km, nor in the neighbouring northern Italian regions, so I am delighted that in Istria, the best olive growing region in the world, we have managed to open the first state-of-the-art olive oil processing plant," Karmino Beletić says proudly. “It has been our father’s dream since the 90s, and has now come true. From the very beginning, he had a vision that guided him and from which he did not step away. He stated in one of his many interviews: ‘We long for a boutique oil mill where the green-yellow gold will be produced and paid respect by the people.’”

Agroistra – A new and modern oil mill - see the full video on YouTube