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Olive harvest

Olive harvest, Oil works Al Torcio, Novigrad, IstriaDetermining the most favourable moment for olive harvest is closely associated with the pigmentation of the fruit. We distinguish surface pigmentation when only the outer part of the fruit skin changes colour (early stage), and pigmentation of the pulp of olives - the late stage of maturity.


Ripening of olive fruit reduces chlorophyll that makes the oil green, and polyphenols, compounds that influence the aroma and taste of olive oil and its persistence. Ripening of the fruit also changes sterols and carotene; ingredients that help prevent oxidation of the oil because they contain vitamins A and E. The early harvest provides oil with the total amount of free fatty acids up to 1%, which is a requirement for quality EXTRA VIRGIN oil.

Phenols are the ingredients that make the oil smell and taste, and hydroxytyrosol, which prevents oxidation. Therefore, if we want to keep the aromas that display the characteristics of a particular oil area, the harvesting should begin earlier. Oils from an early harvest have homogeneous organoleptic properties and harmony in the proportions of oleic and linoleic acids. In addition, the method used is very important, how the fruit is stored until processing that must be done as soon as possible after harvest, and the way in which the fruit is processed and conserved.

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