Rossignolo (Rošinjola), Al Torcio, NovigradSingle Cultivar Rossignolo (Rosinjola) - offers its golden yellow colour with green tones, limpid. The scent is strong and very complex, delicate and distinctive characterised with elegant notes of artichoke, freshly mowed grass and marked balsamic aroma of mint, basil and oregano.
The falvour is fine and resolute, with ample vegetal overtones, unripe tomato, celery and green almond in closure. It reveals powerful bitterness and restrained peppery notes. 
It fits perfectly on grilled radicchio, beef carpaccio with boletus mushrooms, on vegetable soups, first courses of shellfish, on grilled reef fish, roasted red meats and on hard and aged cheeses.


0,10 L 5 €
0,25 l 10 €
0,50 l 14 €
0,75 l 17 €
1,00 l 20 €


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