Maslinovo ulje, Uljara Al Torcio, Novigrad, IstraExtra virgin olive oil (olio di oliva extravergine) is obtained after the first pressing of healthy olives and the acidity (free fatty acids) does not exceed 0.8 percent.

In addition to satisfying the chemical parameters, the oil must still undergo organoleptic testing and should not have any aroma that is not peculiar to the oil.

Thus, for example, "extra virgin olive oil enriched with rosemary" is not really extra virgin olive oil.

Virgin oil
Virgin olive oil (vergine), is obtained after the first pressing of weaker fruits, and its acidity, in relation to the acidity of the extra virgin olive, is slightly higher, but the fatty acid content does not exceed 2 percent.

Olive oil
Olive oil is obtained by mixing refined oil, and a certain amount of extra virgin olive oil, which is used to improve the colour and flavour, and acidity of the obtained oil is about 5 percent.

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