Monokultuva Itrana, Al Torcio, NovigradSingle Cultivar Itrana olive oil has a intense green colour with golden yellow notes, limpid. Reveals an ample and strong nose with distinguished complex scent of half riped tomatoes, lettuce, and freshly mowed grass and unriped bannana. The flavour is balsamic, like mint, basil, oregano and especially sage.
In the mouth it leaves a delicate and very harmonic taste with fruity notes of tomato and almond. Bitter and peppery aftertaste is marked but well measured.
It is great on meat carpaccio with ceasar's mushrooms, on blue fish au gratin, on legume soups, first courses of crustaceans, on stewed fish, on grilled red and game meats and on hard aged cheeses.


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