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Awards and Recognition

In recent years we have regularly received recognition for our work at various events and contests.
For the eighth year we have entered in the prestigious world guide of olive oils L’extravergine- Guida ai Migliori Oli del Mondo di Qualità Accertata.
Our oils Itrana, Bianchera and autochthonous Istrian Rosulja were listed among the world’s best oils according to German gastronomy magazine from Hamburg, Der Feinschmecker and the oil Leccino achieved the second place.
It also won the second place in the Medoliva competition in Arrezzo, Italy.

We do not know what else could become part of our story, but it is certainly our land, the olives and olive oil that represent our way of living, it's the job we keep talking about, and thinking about. This is the life we live. Oil has become the sacred fluid that accompanies us from birth to death, and leads in all the moments of our lives.
Oil is simply our human need.

And Istria, our region ... as if it was awakening from a dream. Again, it is waving by the green sea of olives. Its body with winding roads of olive oil like the blood stream, thus showing the paths leading to oil mills, in whose cold and dark corners the green gold is kept, that is so beautifully described by Marcus Valerius Marcial, the Roman writer of epigrams: "Cordoba, thou are more fertile than oil-rich Venafro, perfect like the olive oil from Istria

Oil works Al Torcio, Novigrad, IstriaOil works Al Torcio, Novigrad, IstriaOil works Al Torcio, Novigrad, IstriaOil works Al Torcio, Novigrad, Istria

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